• Paper Covered Flat Aluminum Wire

    Paper Covered Flat Aluminum Wire

    Paper covered wire is the wire of oxygen free copper rod or electrician round aluminum rod extruded or drawn by a certain specification mold, and the winding wire is wrapped by a specific insulating material. Composite wire is a winding wire made of a number of winding wires or copper and aluminum wires arranged according to the specified requirements and wrapped by specific insulating materials. Mainly used in oil – immersed transformer, reactor and other electrical equipment winding.

    It is based on customer requirements, more than 3 layers of kraft paper or miki paper wound on the aluminum or copper conductor. Ordinary paper coated wire is a special material for oil immersed transformer coil and similar electrical coil, after impregnation, the service temperature index is 105℃. According to customer requirements, it can be made respectively by telephone paper, cable paper, miki paper, high voltage cable paper, high density insulation paper, etc.