• Characteristics and applications of four types of enameled wires(2)

    1. Polyester imide enameled wire Polyester imide enameled wire paint is a product developed by Dr. Beck in Germany and Schenectady in the United States in the 1960s. From the 1970s to the 1990s, polyester imide enameled wire was the most widely used product in developed countries. Its thermal cla...
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  • Characteristics and applications of four types of enameled wires(1)

    1、Oil based enameled wire Oil based enameled wire is the earliest enameled wire in the world, developed in the early 20th century. Its thermal level is 105. It has excellent moisture resistance, high-frequency resistance, and overload resistance. Under harsh conditions at high temperatures, the ...
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  • 22.46%! Leading the way in growth rate

    22.46%! Leading the way in growth rate

    In the foreign trade transcripts from January to April of this year, Suzhou Wujiang Xinyu Electrical Materials Co., Ltd. successfully debuted, becoming a “dark horse” closely following Hengtong Optoelectronics, Fuwei Technology, and Baojia New Energy. This professional enterprise enga...
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  • Selection of Motor Enameled Wire

    Polyvinyl acetate enamelled copper wires belong to class B, while modified polyvinyl acetate enamelled copper wires belong to class F. They are widely used in the windings of class B and class F motors. They have good mechanical properties and high heat resistance. High speed winding machines can...
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  • Introduction to Flat Enamelled Wire for New Energy Vehicle Motors

    Introduction to Flat Enamelled Wire for New Energy Vehicle Motors

    Due to the development and popularization of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, the demand for driving motors carried by electric vehicles will continue to increase in the future. In response to this global demand, many companies have also developed flat enameled wire products. Electric motor...
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  • Introduction to the Heat Shock of Enamelled Wire

    The heat shock performance of enameled wire is an important indicator, especially for motors and components or windings with temperature rise requirements, which has great significance. It directly affects the design and use of electrical equipment. The temperature of electrical equipment is limi...
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  • Development trend analysis of enamelled wire industry

    With the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy thorough implementation, a group of emerging industrial groups continuously emerge around new energy, new material, electric vehicles, energy saving equipment, information network and other emerging industrial groups surrou...
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  • Increased penetration of flat wire motors for new energy vehicles

    Flat line application tuyere has arrived. Motor, as one of the core three electric systems of new energy vehicles, accounts for 5-10% of the value of the vehicle. In the first half of this year, among the top 15 new energy vehicles sold, the penetration rate of flat line motor increased significa...
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  • Technical development direction of enameled wire industry

    1.Fine diameter Due to the miniaturization of electrical products, such as camcorder, electronic clock, micro-relay, automobile, electronic instrument, washing machine, television components, etc., the enameled wire is developing in the direction of fine diameter. For example, when the high volta...
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  • Future development of enameled wire industry

    First of all, China has become the largest country in the production and consumption of enameled wire. With the transfer of the world manufacturing center, the global enameled wire market has also begun to shift to China. China has become an important processing base in the world. Especially aft...
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  • Basic and quality knowledge of enamelled wire

    The concept of enameled wire: Definition of enameled wire: it is a wire coated with paint film insulation (layer) on the conductor, because it is often wound into a coil in use, also known as winding wire. Enamelled wire principle: It mainly realizes the conversion of electromagnetic energy in el...
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  • Annealing process of enamelled wire

    The purpose of annealing is to make the conductor due to the mold tensile process due to lattice changes and hardening of the wire through a certain temperature heating, so that the molecular lattice rearrangement after the recovery of the process requirements of the softness, at the same time to...
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