Paper Covered Flat Aluminum Wire

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Paper covered wire is the wire of oxygen free copper rod or electrician round aluminum rod extruded or drawn by a certain specification mold, and the winding wire is wrapped by a specific insulating material. Composite wire is a winding wire made of a number of winding wires or copper and aluminum wires arranged according to the specified requirements and wrapped by specific insulating materials. Mainly used in oil – immersed transformer, reactor and other electrical equipment winding.

It is based on customer requirements, more than 3 layers of kraft paper or miki paper wound on the aluminum or copper conductor. Ordinary paper coated wire is a special material for oil immersed transformer coil and similar electrical coil, after impregnation, the service temperature index is 105℃. According to customer requirements, it can be made respectively by telephone paper, cable paper, miki paper, high voltage cable paper, high density insulation paper, etc.

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Production Scope

Copper (Aluminum )Winding Wire:

Thickness: a:1mm~10mm


Round Copper(Aluminum )Winding Wire: 1.90mm-10.0mm

Any other specification to be required, please kindly inform us in advance.

Standard: GB/T 7673.3-2008

Spool Type: PC400-PC700

Package of Enameled Rectangular Wire: Pallet Packing

Certification: UL, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001, accept third party inspection as well

Quality Control: Company internal standard

Quality Requirements

The paper tape should be tightly, evenly and smoothly wound on the conductor, without lack of layer, without wrinkling and cracking, the overlap of the paper tape shall not be exposed to the seam, the paper tape joint and insulation repair place allow thick insulation layer, but the length cannot be greater than 500mm.

Conductor Material

● Aluminum,the regulation in accordance with GB5584.3-85,the electric resistivity at 20C is lower than 0.02801Ω.mm/m.

● Copper,the regulation in accordance with GB5584.2-85,the electric resistivity at 20 C is lower than

Product Details


Advantage of Nomex Paper-insulated Wire

It fits for application on the coil windings of mobile transformers, traction transformers, column distribution transformers, furnace transformers, and dry type transformers.

1. Cost down,reduce the dimension and lighten the weight

Compared to traditional wires, once equipped with NOMEX dry-type transformers, the operating temperature can be increased to 150 ℃.

Due to fewer requirements for conductors and magnetic cores, the cost of infrastructure is lower.

As there is no need to install the dome and oil tank, the overall size of the transformer is reduced and the weight is reduced. In addition, due to the fewer magnetic cores, the unloading loss of the transformer will be minimized and installed conveniently.

2. Increasing extended workload capacity

Additional capacity can correspond to overload and unexpected power expansion, thus reducing additional procurement.

3. Improved Stability

In the whole process of use, it has excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

It is very elastic and has excellent aging and shrinkage resistance, and as a result, the coil remains compact after several years.

It is concluded that NOMEX will bring comprehensive benefits to customers from both economic and environmental aspects.

Spool & Container Weight


Spool type


Maximum load quantity


40GP/ 40NOR

Pallet (Aluminum)



17-18 tons

22.5-23 tons

Pallet (Copper)



23 tons

22.5-23 tons

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